In 1938, Tecumseh revolutionized the refrigeration industry with the first hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor. They have provided over 75 years of industry leadership in reciprocating compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Today, they continue to lead the way by designing energy efficiency, quiet operation and reliability into every new compressor they produce.


A range of heat exchangers for refrigeration systems, developed for a compact size and high performance.


Box Type Copeland Scroll ZB Condensing unit

Main Components: Copeland scroll ZB compressor, condensor, axial fan, HP & LP controllers, compressor heater, sight glass, pressure gauge, liquid receiver, filter drier, switch, AC contactor, Phase protection.


As with any coil, it is of utmost importance to carry out routine check-ups, maintenance and (if needed) replace your older evaporator coils to ensure the best performance from your system.We carry a wide variety of coil block length and size that will suit almost every application.


Arguably one of the most important components on a condensing unit. We have therefore selected a range of condenser and evaporator fan motors for their reliability rather than price.